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About Stephanie O.

Hello, and welcome!

photo of Stephanie O.

I'm artist, designer, and creative educator Stephanie O.

I've been on a lifelong creative journey, including:

  • Owning my own design business since 2014
  • Graduating from a top-notch art school...twice
  • Practicing creative skills in the professional design industry since 2009
  • Serving regularly as faculty at a top tier art museum since 2014
  • Teaching in public schools + universities
  • Helping creatives start creative businesses since 2014


Dedicated to art, design, and creative education.

  • Web & graphic design services
  • Design consulting for businesses
  • Creative coaching for individuals
  • Self-guided online courses
  • Custom wedding & event stationery
  • Illustrated prints & original fine art
  • And other delightful things

A wintry harbor scene with colorful buildings and a wooden ship in icy Copenhagen, Denmark.


What is your creative inspiration?

My biggest creative inspiration is Scandinavian design—the combination of form + function that creates delight in the everyday. I love that design is part of the culture in the Scandinavian countries, to help make everyone's lives easier, more beautiful, and more enjoyable.

Who do you love to work with?

Creative spirits like you!! I believe that everyone has their own unique brand of creativity, and that each of those brands are valuable to the world. Here at Delightful Things, I strive to provide an open and accepting environment for all individuals across the creative and human spectrum.

What do you do when you're not creating?

When away from my studio, I can be found in the vegetable garden or in the forest, with my partners-in-adventure—golden puppy Stella Blue, and handsome human Brian.