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Hello! I'm Stephanie O., a designer and creative educator with over 11 years of graphic design industry experience and 6 years of creative business ownership & teaching. I help art & design professionals like you build their businesses from the ground up. Let me help you!

Enroll in my Creative Business LAUNCH or BOOST programs and learn through personalized creative coaching from the comfort of your home. We'll use video chat, screen-sharing, and video tutorials to develop your branded online presence and e-commerce products & services.

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“Stephanie has helped me think through the branding / design of multiple businesses and they are always spot on...[she] is my go-to source for all things design.”

Stinson M.

“Stephanie helps me with logistics in setting up my art business, but she also recently helped me move through a SERIOUS case of creative block. If you want to do something with your creativity, but are not sure how to take the next step, contact Stephanie!”

Lauren B.

“[Stephanie] was a huge would have taken me many hours to find these answers online. She is incredibly knowledgeable about graphic design and explains the tools and concepts well.”

Nicole V.

“Stephanie is a wonderfully talented professional. We had one meeting to discuss what she would provide, and she understood my vision immediately.”

Laura C.