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Branding & Design Services

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Creative Consulting for Businesses Large & Small

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Your inspiration is showing—the passion you have for your unique business is what propels us to provide top-notch design consulting and branding services.

Work with Delightful Things to develop your brand into the perfect expression of your vision. Contact us today to learn more about how design and creative thinking can drive your business to the next level.

Branding & Design Services

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Your brand is much more than just a symbol and a pretty font. Work closely with Stephanie O., and together we'll develop a clear visual voice that perfectly communicates your unique company.

You'll receive a complete identity package that includes color specifications, fonts, textures and graphics that combine to create a cohesive branded look...packaged and ready to be sent to printers & designers.

Art & Design Coaching

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Elevate your creative know-how through customized coaching sessions focused on building your art & design skills.

Stephanie O.'s extensive experience with Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Lightroom, and many other popular software platforms provides a strong foundation for you to receive professional advice and guidance with some of the intricacies of today's digital creation tools. Or, learn new hands-on skills through personal attention and guided practice. Topics include calligraphy, hand lettering, watercolor painting, chalk art and much more. Inquire today about the creative skills that you're interested in learning, and receive customized information about curricula that fit your needs.