Creative Business Coaching Programs

One-on-one guidance

creative business coaching image with pencil and sketchbook ready for the design processLet Stephanie be your creative cheerleader! The creative process is an ocean of ups and downs, and sometimes you feel stuck at the bottom.

We can navigate these tricky waters together, using a variety of techniques to build your online art or design business.

You can rely on Stephanie's professional experience in the world of art, design, creativity, and education to help you grow your skills and build the art or design business you've always dreamed of.

Each month you'll receive...

  • 60 mins. one-on-one coaching
  • Custom video tutorials
  • Members-only community support
  • The knowledge and skills to empower yourself in your business!
We'll use video chat, screen-sharing, and video tutorials to develop your branded online presence and e-commerce products & services.
Join our Delightful Community

Enroll in coaching and gain exclusive access to a community of creative business owners. Ask your most pressing art & design questions and receive encouragement and inspiration daily, or join us for live webinars where I answer your most frequently asked questions and help our businesses grow.

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