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What is Dejlige Creative LLC?

Art, design, and delightful things by Dejlige Creative LLC
Dejlige Creative has been offering art, design, and delightful things since 2014, and is now the proud owner of the Delightful Things brand.

We offer:
  • Graphic design
  • Visual branding
  • Creative coaching
  • Art education
  • Corporate events & wedding stationery
  • Fine art & illustration

The Word "Dejlige"
Design inspired by ScandinaviaWith silent letters and an unusual spelling, we can understand the confusion. The word "dejlige" is the Danish word for "delightful." The Scandinavian languages are known for their silent letters, and when speaking Danish, more letters are skipped than pronounced. So while it might be tricky to learn how to spell "Dejlige," it is easy to say—just say "dye-lee!"

Scandinavian Design Inspiration
Form + Function The Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Sweden, and Norway) have become well known for their design sensibilities. Clean minimalism is a hallmark of this style—the golden rule of "form follows function" creates designs that are both beautiful and delightful. Dejlige Creative embraces this thinking throughout every service we offer. Discover something delightful today.