When was the last time you felt truly inspired? Where do you find your greatest sources of inspiration? While extravagant trips abroad or visits to high-profile art museums would be ideal for gathering creative inspiration, how many creatives do you know that can manage these precious investments of time and money?

For many creative people, it is imperative to find inspiration in daily life. Our human senses provide the key to experiencing the world and finding inspiration. Today, we'll start by thinking about the visual world. Here is a simple challenge to stretch your senses without leaving your seat:

Look around your current space and find all the colors of the rainbow. Look deeply and find colors in shadows, reflections, and unexpected spots. What is the most prevalent color? What is the trickiest color to find?

This quick exercise not only helps you practice your ROYGBIV skills, but allows you to take a meditative moment to slow down and simply observe the world. Try this easy challenge anytime (and anywhere) you need a little creative bump.

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