Welcome back to Delightful Learning! Watch this week's video and learn how to make your creative process smoother and less of a struggle. In the name of transparency, I'll share a bit about MY creative process and struggles with creating this video...

You might know that this whole video teaching thing is new to me, so you are the first witnesses to my creative process! A little secret...this second video was actually the FIRST I created....and WOW it was a struggle. I've been a graphic designer for years and can navigate around a page layout no problem, and I can also shoot still photography with some decent skill. But this was my first attempt at creating professional-looking video footage, and MY first time trying to be a normal human on camera. The creative process was getting me down.

I had technical difficulties with corrupt files and re-shooting sections, style difficulties with camera settings, and personal difficulties with my presentation. After pushing through these bumps in the road, I was left feeling like...WHY am I even trying this?!

But I kept pursuing this crazy idea. I got advice from trusted people, learned more about shooting video, and became better through the process of failing. Check out my YouTube channel and subscribe to see the newer shinier products of my process. So for your enjoyment, please check out my latest video! It's an example in itself of a creative process full of ups and downs.