This year, in all my spare minutes between teaching & planning classes and designing for clients, I’ve been working on a crazy little side project. This side project started as a little seed of an idea, and slowly and deliberately I worked and worked to try and help it grow. In last week’s video, I mentioned how sometimes as a creative, you get an idea that you just believe in. It can be so difficult to guard this idea and feel confident about it, because others might not understand it, or you might not yet have the words to describe it. While I felt a little crazy since I’m not really an in-front-of-the-camera kind of person, I started to feel like taking my teaching practice online was my there was no other option.

Why did I decide to start making videos? The same reason I have a passion for teaching art and design in person—to help educate & motivate other creatives through their creative thinking process. Watch the latest Delightful Learning video on YouTube to hear more about my art & design story, and make sure to subscribe for the latest updates!


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My biggest motivator is the “ah-HA!” moment. Almost every day, I witness students making connections and thinking bigger—thinking like problem-solvers, innovators, and futuremakers. Making these neural connections feels really good in your can feel your creative thinking muscles getting stronger, and our brains release happy hormones to reward us for our efforts. With each creative effort, we gain a little more confidence and feel more courageous for the next challenge, constantly improving and growing as an artist or designer. Learn a bit more about how this process inspired me to start teaching art & design skills online in my latest video, My Creative Story on YouTube.

The latest step I’ve taken in my creative career is to join the faculty of Virginia State University as an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design! I’m so thrilled to be sharing knowledge and experience with my super-talented and motivated students. In this post you can learn about my early interest in art and how it led me to pursue studying art, specifically graphic design, at Virginia Commonwealth University. My new students have once again inspired me to help as many people as I can follow their creative passions.